About us


About us

4 Pory Roku is a Toruń restaurant specialized in seasonal cuisine. Our menu, designed by Ariel Gomez Carusso, our Head Chef, originally from Argentina, offers you an excellent selection of dishes based on the finest produce from first-rate local suppliers who meet our rigorous quality standards. For us, seasonality and locality are not empty slogans but actual guiding principles which we apply on a daily basis to ensure that our patrons are provided with the highest quality of service. Accordingly, we have partnered with farmers who can guarantee a supply of fresh organic produce to our restaurant, including Ada Augustyniak and Bartek Kembłowski of Dobrzyń nad Wisłą, who grow organic herbs and vegetables. The composition of our dishes is always in line with crop yields they manage to achieve. This is a partnership model which is based on mutual respect and appreciation of the other party’s needs. Only produce that comes from a well-proven and trusted source can guarantee that our cuisine is healthy and offers rich and authentic tastes and flavors which are in season. An important element of the culinary art is the ability to pair food with wine. For most dishes in our menu, our professional sommelier has thus carefully selected wines that best suit them. We also recommend that you visit our lounge with a well-supplied bar



We believe that a global shift starts with a local improvement. Even the microcosm of our restaurant can have an impact on the Planet and its condition. Our menus are printed on recycled paper, and our drinking straws and single-use food packaging are made of biodegradable materials.
A major category of waste generated by restaurants is glass, which is why we have deployed a dedicated wine-on-tap system with wine stored in kegs.
This not only reduces our generation of waste bottles and corks but also ensures that wine stays fresh for a longer period of time.
We have also put in place a detailed waste sorting policy across our business, are using more and more biodegradable cleaning products, and are about to launch a food waste composting system.


Special events

How about a dinner with a professional sommelier or cooking together with a special guest? Follow us on Facebook (link) for regular updates on our special events.
If you wish to organize an event at 4 Pory Roku or are considering working with us, please call or email us at +48 601 990 251 or cztery@poryroku.com.pl respectively.


ul. Przedzamcze 6
87-100 Toruń

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 13:00 – 22:00
Saturday: 12:00 – 23:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 20:00


Phone: +48 56 619 09 17

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